GotW Ep 20-The End…sort of

Neil and Dustin are wrapping up GotW to make way for more RPG live-play fun! Check out the “Cantina Talk” segment to learn more. Then, the boys look back on the Star Wars Expanded Universe as a whole and chat about their favorite parts. Finally, in their “Roll The Dice” segment, the crew of The Staggering Dragon finish up their RPG space combat live-play. Revisiting Legends has been great, but new endeavors are on the horizon. Thanks for listening!

GotW Ep 19-X-Wing: The Rebel Opposition

GotW is back and they have their target locked on to a Star Wars Legends classic comic book series, X-Wing: Rogue Squadron! In this episode Neil and Dustin discuss the first four issues, “The Rebel Opposition,” that kicked off the tales of the famous New Republic pilots. And, in their “Roll The Dice” segment, GotW treats listeners to the beginning of an RPG space combat live-play! You don’t want to miss this high flying episode!

GotW Ep 18-Showdown at Centerpoint

On this episode of GotW, Neil and Dustin discuss the conclusion of the Corellian Trilogy with Showdown at Centerpoint! Also, in their “Cantina Talk” segment, the GotW crew talks about their fanboy excitement with the newest episode of the Clone Wars series. And stay tuned for the end of the show because the boys have a big announcement for the next several shows of GotW! Happy listening!

GotW Ep 17-Assault at Selonia

GotW is back to discuss book 2 of the Corellian Trilogy by Roger MacBride Allen, Assault at Selonia! Will Neil and Dustin again find more low points than high points in this Star Wars Legends installment? Find out on another fun ride through the galaxy far, far away….

GotW Ep 16-Ambush at Corellia

GotW is back with an all Solo family adventure! Listen to Neil and Dustin as they discuss book one of the Corellian Trilogy Ambush at Corellia by Roger MacBride Allen. A new threat has emerged from Han Solo’s home planet. Could it be a long lost member of the Solo clan? Find out on a brand new episode of GotW!

GotW Ep 15-The Crystal Star

GotW is back with a new episode! In our Cantina Talk segment, Project Luminous has been announced and Neil and Dustin have their opinions on the subject. Then it’s time for a lengthy discussion of the Legends novel The Crystal Star. Could this book be the first Legends dud GotW has reviewed so far? Found out as we engage the hyperdrive and travel through Star Wars Legends!

GotW Ep 12-The Freedon Nadd Uprising

An old dark sider being kept alive by machinery and Sith magic? A fanatical following of Sith cultists on a far away world? No, we’re not talking about The Rise of Skywalker, we’re talking about The Freedon Nadd Uprising! Come along with Neil and Dustin as they discuss this classic two-issue Tales of the Jedi Legends comic by Tom Veitch.

GotW-The Rise of Skywalker discussion

It’s our biggest episode to date! GotW is back to talk some serious Star Wars with chapter 7 of The Mandalorian in our Cantina Talk segment. Then, it’s what we’ve all been waiting for, The Rise of Skywalker has finally been released and Neil and Dustin have A LOT to say about it. So sit back and dig in for this in-depth discussion of the final film in the Skywalker saga!

GotW Ep 10-Dark Apprentice

GotW is back with the second book of the Jedi Academy trilogy-Dark Apprentice! A dark side spirit has come to haunt Luke Skywalker and his new Jedi praxeum. How will Luke deal with failure when his students are tempted by the power of the dark side? Find out when Neil and Dustin discuss this Legends classic!

GotW-A New Fear Part 5 (RPG live-play)

The GotW RPG live-play special A New Fear is back with part 5 of the ongoing adventure! Our heroes have traveled back to the planet of Iter in search of an Imperial ship that crashed in the ruins years ago. The information that the ship holds could spell certain doom if discovered by the Empire! Will the group survive the trek through the ruins? Find out on an all new RPG live-play episode!

GotW Ep 9-Jedi Search

In this episode, Neil and Dustin dive into the first installment of Kevin J. Anderson’s Jedi Academy trilogy of novels with Jedi Search. The contrasting concepts surrounding a Jedi academy between Legends and Disney canons becomes a bit of a touchy subject. (Meltdowns may ensue.) Plus, with the wave of new Disney Star Wars movies and shows on the horizon, GotW shifts its focus to talk more about what’s to come. And, it’s a GotW podcast first, we have a guest! Our friend Ryan drops by to share with us his theme park experience at the awesomeness that is Galaxy’s Edge! It’s a romp of Star Wars discussion! Happy listening!

GotW-A New Fear Part 4 (RPG live-play)

Our Star Wars Legends RPG live-play, “A New Fear,” is back with another installment! Will our heroes finally find Aleto’s father aboard the Imperial transport? Will they be able to break The Implication free of the Imperial transport if a quick getaway is needed? Found out on an all new GotW live-play special. Enjoy the fun and adventure in a galaxy far, far away!

GotW Ep 8-Tales of the Jedi

Come along with Neil & Dustin, GotW listeners, as they discuss the events of 4,000 BBY in Tom Veitch’s comic book series Tales of the Jedi! No Luke, no Han, no Leia? No problem. This series introduces a new set of force-wielding characters as an epic conflict between light and dark begins!

GotW Ep 7-The Courtship of Princess Leia

GotW is back! And Neil and Dustin are here to talk about The Courtship of Princess Leia by Dave Wolverton. Listen along as they discuss the spookiness with the Nightsisters of Dathomir, the craziness of Han Solo’s jealousy, and the pure prettiness that is Prince Isolder. So saddle up your rancor and come along for the ride!

GotW Ep 6-The Truce At Bakura

Neil and Dustin are back for another GotW episode! This time they discuss The Truce At Bakura by Kathy Tyers. Come along for the ride that takes place directly after Return of the Jedi, and find out what happens when the Rebels and the Imperials have to team up to combat a threat bigger than themselves.

GotW Ep 5-Dark Empire

The Emperor is back! And so are Neil and Dustin as they discuss the Tom Veitch comic series Dark Empire. Are there more parallels to this Legends tale than simply the ones found in Episode VIII: The Last Jedi? How much of Dark Empire will we potentially see in Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker? Listen as GotW share their views on the classic Star Wars story.

GotW Ep 4-Thrawnapalooza

In this episode Neil and Dustin discuss Thrawn in the current Disney Canon by giving their thoughts and impressions of the novels Thrawn and Thrawn/Alliances by Timothy Zahn. The GotW crew also talks about the similarities and differences concerning Thrawn in the Legends and Disney canons. So astrogate that hyperspace course and come along with GotW for our Thrawnapalooza episode!

GotW Ep 0

In this episode Neil & Dustin talk about what the Guardians of the Whills podcast is all about, along with why they decided to create the podcast in the first place. Listen along and have some fun as they talk about all things Star Wars Legends!